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Message from the President
of Nutley UNICO

Dear Friends,

The first few monthly meetings for the 2015-2016 year were great reminders of what our mission is all about. The meetings were educational, inspiring and they undeniably distinguished our chapter above the rest. Our members shared moments that united us as the proud Italian-Americans that we have become and as positive role models in our communities.

We continued to expand not only in the quantity of our membership but also in the quality of the people wanting to be part of the uniqueness that is Nutley UNICO. The month of October brought out the best of our Italian cultural identity. While celebrating “Italian Heritage” month, the Italian spirit was pulsing everywhere. It was encouraging to have so many members give support and strength to all the events we shared. Our November meeting was all about recognizing our members who served our country. It gave us a snapshot of our members who are veterans of the military. The efforts of Deborah Bellucci and her committee ensured our December Christmas Social was a great success.

Out thanks to Deborah Bellucci for running our dinner raffle.  It was a tremendous success.

So what’s next?          

We begin to polish one of the cornerstones of our foundation as our attentions begin to focus on the Nutley UNICO Scholarship Program. Tireless efforts by the Scholarship chairman, Alan Genitempo and his committee will continue to produce what has become the premier scholarship program available in Nutley. With help and support from the membership and the individual scholarship sponsors we can all look forward to assisting many students with future educational goals.

The help we seek from the membership, families and friends come in the form of supporting our 50/50 Scholarship Raffle. Please remember the ticket sales for this raffle are our primary source of funding of Nutley UNICO scholarships.  We are all looking forward to the drawing for this raffle in our upcoming February dinner meeting.

Lastly, I want to thank the executive board for all their hard work during my first year as President. It has made it easier for me to focus on my role as President of what I believe to be the greatest chapter of UNICO National.  There are many committee meetings and behind the scenes efforts by many of you that help to create great memories of each meeting and of every event year after year. 

Thank you,

Robert V. Montanino
Nutley Chapter of UNICO