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Rosetta Costantino speaks about her cookbook - "MY CALABRIA":

"I am excited to share the news that my cookbook "MY CALABRIA" has been nominated for an International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Cookbook award in the International Cookbook category.   The IACP awards are the "Academy Awards" of the cookbook publishing industry.  In addition to the designated categories, there is a "People's Choice" award which gives the general public the opportunity to vote for their favorite cookbook of the year from those nominated across all categories.  I would be honored and appreciative if you would cast your vote for "My Calabria."   You can see all the nominees for the designated categories and vote for the People's Choice award by following the link below:


Below is Steve Mairella's review of this wonderful cook Book:

Dear friends and family:

The book is a treasure trove of authentic Calabrese recipes, a very valuable addition to the culinary world and to the preservation of Italian cultural heritage.  I highly recommend it.

It is a WONDERFUL book, a real work of art and cultural significance written by an amazing woman now living in California who comes from Verbicaro, Provincia di Cosenza, the same town my maternal grandmother Russo came from.  (I learned from reading the book that when her ancestors came to the USA in early 1900s, they lived in the same building in NYC on Mulberry Street that my great-grandparents and grandmother lived in when they first arrived!)

I don't usually circulate or forward e-mails, but I am truly enthusiastic about this book! 


Steve Mairella